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For a fact, we all know that thousands of Android applications are being downloaded today from play store and it comprises nearly 3.8 million apps. This makes the potential visitors get to your business on the go, without having the restriction of access to the PCs. And for this anytime-anywhere interaction of the customers to your business, we develop the best performing Android Applications, with our in house team of Android-developers, having years of experience and expertise in Android Apps Development.

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We are Native App Developer – a leading android app development company based in India with an aim to deliver the best services to the clients worldwide. Our Android app developers in India are madly in love with the Android Operating system and are well-aware about all the aspects associated with it. Besides a solid experience in developing android apps, our developers every time go through all the components with a deep insight to serve the client with the best android application development experience he can ever have.

We develop Android applications with innovative and creative ideas, that create interest among users resulting to generate more traffic on various platforms, as development for Android done by us will be for sure compatible with all the Android devices regardless of its size and shape.

Just developing an Android app is not the cliche we follow instead, we do all i.e from design to development to testing and support, we provide end-to-end mobile app development services with the cutting edge trends and technologies.


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Java is one of the most popular and frequently used programming languages which can be used for developing Android applications. It has lesser dependencies designed on implementation while it is object-oriented and class-based.



XML is a hardware and software independent tool that is to be used for storing and transporting data in designing. It is defined as a set of rules to encode documents that are human- readable and machine - readable.

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JSON is an acronym of JavaScript Object Notation and it is a programming language that can be used human-readable text to transmit data. It consists of attribute-value pairs and array data types (or any other serializable value).



HTML is an acronym of HyperText Markup Language which is mostly used in programming language for developing web pages and web applications. With the help of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript, it creates a triad of cornerstone technologies for the World Wide Web.

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Native App Development India

Native Android App

Mobile app developer India

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Mobile app development India

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Across Different Industries

We develop native applications for Android operating systems across different industries – Photo & Video, Health & Fitness, Education & Learning, Banking & Finance and many more. Our experienced and dedicated team of developers meet the client’s requirements within a specified period of time.

  • Iphone app development process

    Photo & Video

  • Fitness mobile app development

    Health & Fitness

  • Tourism Mobile app development

    Travel & Tourism

  • Food & Drink Android App

    On-demand Solutions

  • custom app developer India

    Education & Learning

  • app development cost

    Banking & Finance

  • Food & Drink App Development

    Food & Drink

  • Social Networking app development india

    Social Networking

  • E-commerce android app development

    Shopping & E-Commerce

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We craft an informative and defined proposal as per the client's requirements and their businesses.

Mobile app development process


We follow an organized and agile development process to build an app according to your specifications.

Mobile app development companies


We will do quality assurance (QA) testing and user acceptance testing (UAT) to determine software errors and documents bug.

Mobile app development services


Our team successfully launches the Android App by implementing advanced features and technologies

Android app developer India


We are always here to support, maintain and enhance your application even after it’s been launched with the best of our services.

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