App Trends Favouring Mental Fitness

06-09-2019 | 2 MIN READ

Elevate Labs-Mental fitness startup launching a “Meditation App.”

Today’s scenario has made us less focused on mental health and relaxation, and this is the cause of various mental disorders and diseases. Mental health is as important as physical health, but we have developed the art of ignoring it gracefully.

The modernization is one of the culprits in creating a trouble zone around humans. It’s his turn to pay back mental health through the technology of mobile applications. The life of a human is hectic and furious nowadays due to increasing workload, social pressures and expectations. To overcome this chaos, Elevate Labs has come up with a mental fitness app named “Balance.” This app will work as a meditation coach, helping people to achieve their meditation goals. 

The balance app is not just an informatory system, but it will interact and make routine plans personalized according to the users need. This app is an evaluation of a new era of mental fitness. The app is free for the initial ten days, but after that, you need to pay 11.99$ monthly, 49.99$ yearly or can take a lifetime subscription 199.99$. 

According to research, the health and fitness app usage grown at an astonishing rate of 330% in the last three years, this shows that the awareness level of people for fitness is snowballing. The trend will soon incorporate mental health and fitness apps with even more growth rates. The users are loyal for their fitness app as a study found that 96% of the fitness app users only use one app.

 Be an early mover and take advantage of a loyal user base. If you are having a fitness-related startup or looking for the latest app idea, then you must decide to build a meditation or fitness app. We can help you to create an exclusive fitness or meditation app with all unique features.  Based on your requirements and idea, we can provide you with the most precise meditation app development solution

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