How Visual UX Storytelling can be Effective in Mobile Apps

14-01-2020 | 7 MIN READ

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.” -Robert McKee 

In childhood storybooks and adulthood Netflix series, we all remain a fan of stories. And why not, the stories have the capability to articulate complex ideas in the simplest ways, stimulate our imagination and get us involved entirely. Keeping the same notion in mind, app developers have started using visual UX storytelling in apps design to put a substantial impression on users and keep them engaged. If you are about to build your next application, you must get acquainted with this fantastic UX design trend. Visual storytelling in an app UX can bring you lots of benefits. 

But, what is incorporated in visual storytelling? How can you use it effectively in your app design? 


We will help you know all these things in the best possible way. 


What is Visual UX Storytelling?   

Visual storytelling in the app UX is portraying a story using media like graphics, images, infographics, music, and illustrations. A well-portrayed story in the app UX simplifies users’ onboarding journey and makes the interaction more effective. Moreover, it gives a reason for users to stick to your app and perform any action. Let’s dive into more benefits of visual UX storytelling. 

Benefits of Using Visual Storytelling in App UX Design  


Easy Understanding 

Stories let you break down complex concepts and depict them most easily and interestingly. Thus users can understand the core concept of your app quickly and get started with it. About 65 to 80 % of people can learn with visual content than another form. Hence visual storytelling is the best way to articulate everything about your app functionality. 

Better Sale

A visual storytelling design is key to the success of your app, helping you to generate more sales. This is because the app users can closely relate themselves with the story and characters involved in it. The visual story and emotional bond inspire them to purchase/ avail your service/ product.


Higher Engagement 

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Stories can get everyone involved deeply. And with the visual storytelling, the engagement gets higher. App users start imagining themselves as a part of the story and thereby remain interested in the story. 


Effective Marketing 

Being able to promote the brand and services effectively is the best advantage of UX storytelling. You can create impressive visual stories of your products or services in terms of videos, images, or infographics. 


Proven Tips to Use Visual Storytelling in Your App UX 

There are many ways app designers use storytelling for user experience, such as parallax scroll, storyboards, story maps, scenarios, and so on. Still, many of them fail to impress users. Here are a few tips to help you design the perfect visual story for your app UX. 

Understand Your App Users 

Knowing your target audience is the first step to create a perfect visual story for your app UX. You have to understand the pain points, and needs of your potential app user and accordingly come up with a meaningful visual story that will keep users engaged. 


Use Interaction, Video or Animation 

Try to create interactions, animations or videos to give fascinating experience to the users. Interactions can have a lasting impression on users and stimulate their actions like purchasing or subscribing.


Embrace ‘Simple Tough Effective’ Idea 

effective app UX ideas

Note that the motive of visual storytelling is to simplify user understanding. You have to focus on the straightforward, short, yet compelling visual narrative by considering the users’ ability to perceive. 


Dare to Try out Something New 

You must not limit your creativity to maintain the simplicity of visual storytelling in the app UX. Attempt to present something exciting and innovative to the users by trying out different visual elements or visual storytelling trends.  


Don’t Overuse Stock Images or Footage

Only an authentic story can gain the user’s trust and impress them. Using too many stock photos can diminish the authenticity of your visual story and make users feel less connected with your app. Consider designing the visual elements and images from scratch to make your story genuine and unique. 


Work on Human Elements

A humanized storytelling UX design can better connect users with your app and encourage them to perform some actions. Hence, you must use some human elements or real-time human situations in your visual storytelling.  


Focus on Typography and Visual Elements Sync. 

Typography and visual elements must go hand-in-hand to create a meaningful visual narrative for your app UX. An incongruous combination of typography and visual elements can lead to a complicated visual story and thereby create confusion for users. You must ensure the proper synchronization of both these aspects while designing the UX storytelling.    


Ensure Impeccable Execution 

No doubt you have designed the best visual story UX, but will it perform flawlessly? Make sure your visual storytelling will not disappoint app users. You should thoroughly test every aspect of your visual narrative to ensure flawless execution and a better user experience. 



You will find a plethora of app designing trends each year. However, the visual storytelling for user experience is one you should not overlook. It will play a greate role to gain success for your app. For the most excellent visual narrative UX design, you should find an experienced team of designers knowing all the visual storytelling design trends. Get ready to design the most beautiful visual story for your app UX.

By Tarun

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