Mobiles became Smarter while Apps Claiming the Intelligence

03-09-2019 | 3 MIN READ

Devices to become humans!! Sounds vague, it’s not as Artificial Intelligence is expanding its arm making devices and machines human intelligent.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that primarily focused on developing machines with human intelligence. Artificial intelligence enhances the capabilities of the device and lets it act according to the situation like humans. Big companies are spending a considerable amount of money on AI; the total spending has crossed 35 billion dollars this year. Artificial intelligence has the power to change the world. Hopefully, it will make human life convenient and effortless. 

List of AI Characteristics 

  • Reasoning

Artificial intelligence empowered devices with reasoning capability. The reasoning is the ability to process of thinking logically to form judgment over a situation, an event or thing. Devices developed in a way that they are capable of reasoning. The mobile app development company can add an interface with reasoning ability to enhance users’ experience with the apps.

  • Problem-solving 

We generally use mobiles either for convenience or for getting a solution. Nothing can be better than your mobile automatically starts solving your problem after an interaction. It is possible if app developers use AI in app development for Android or iPad.

  • Learning

Learning is a skill acquired by experience; once a solution to a problem found it can be stored for future reference. The AI systems learn from the lessons to create a better user experience.

  • Perception

Perception is the way sensory information organized, interpreted and experienced. It is used to be a human thing a while ago, but now machines can use perceptions. The sensors collect the information that gets interpreted through the integrated chip.

Is Artificial Intelligence Important in App Development?

App development artifical intelligence

Of course, the app developers had started creating AI-enabled applications. The shift towards device intelligence created opportunities for app developers to differentiate their apps from others. 

The following are some points depicting the importance of AI in app development:

  1. The use of AI in the app development will enhance user satisfaction. The app with an AI user interface can effectively communicate and integrate with the user and pre-search things that need to be done by users.
  2. AI is a suitable adapter, learns well when needed. An app can personalize the experience for the user by adding AI to it. It will intelligently order functions according to the user’s frequency of using them.
  3. Through AI-enabled apps, you can avoid repetitive tasks and save users time. By removing the repetitions, you can make it convenient and straightforward.
  4. The AI apps will run fast due to the learning and reasoning ability present in them. Users always prefer faster and smarter apps that give the best user experience.

Some of the Best Examples of AI Mobile Applications:


The concept of AI in mobile app development is growing immensely. The app developers started creating a bunch of utility apps for industries like education, healthcare, banking, etc. Are you also thinking to implement this idea? Let’s make it happen. Converse with us regarding your app idea and requirements. 

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