Searching For Android Q? Don’t because it’s Android 10 Officially!

23-08-2019 | 1 MIN READ

Google Android is stealing attention with a change in the naming strategy with a hint of modernizing the Android logo.

Shocked! You must be as google disclosed its new operating system Android Q “Oops”  not Q it’s Android 10. Google has enough of being ‘sugary’, as it has shifted its strategy from sweet named OS legacy to an easy numeric version name.

“We think this change can help make release name intuitive and simpler for our worldwide community” – Sameer Samat(Vice President, Product Management)

Google made this crucial change may be due to the word “Q”, as it’s difficult to find a sweet name starting with a word Q which is simple and memorable. Google is a global company and due to numerous cultures and languages present worldwide, it becomes difficult to choose the name of sweet for Android OS, which is relatable and known in different parts of the world. 

Not only Android OS name, but they also thought of modernizing the logo, it is expected that they will come up with a new logo in upcoming weeks.

Android 10 has focused on foldable screens and user privacy. Google hasn’t declared the launching date but it may be expected this year-end or the first quarter of 2K20. 

Google finally steps out of desserts and jumped into numbers, hope this will help people to remember the upcoming Android OS names. Still, we appreciate the empire Google built with the Android sweets.

By prakhar

Prakhar is a skilled Andriod app developer at Native App Development having up-to-date knowledge of the technology arena. He likes to write down the technology updates in an interesting manner with an intent to enlighten beginners and tech-savvy individuals

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