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Customer feedback be it bad or good is precious for every business. The customers or clients must have an effective platform to send their feedback in the fastest and best possible way. To bring an ultimate solution to this, the client came up with a requirement of creating an interactive feedback app.

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myOddJobs App


Technology has been playing a significant role in solving many problems, be a small or complex one. Finding odd jobs to earn some bucks is big trouble for many folks, which is being addressed by various technology solutions like app development. Based on this idea, we were asked to build an app that can help […]

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Tribe 365


Tribe365 is a great application for depicting the culture of the organization. It is the world’s first culture implementation program run by business consultants. Do you want to know more about this? Here employees and companies get a chance to rate themselves related to work activities.

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Mobile App Design


A charity based mobile application that lets the users create and achieve a goal with friends, family, and colleagues in order to help them reach their full potential in life. The motive of this application is to donate the proceeds of the purchase of the GoalWard App to the UCLA Cardiovascular Discovery Fund. Learn how the best motivational app is created by Native App Developer.

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APM Iphone App

APM NorthEast

The APM North East is a great way to get connected with the North East Branch of the Association for Project Management. You can see the list of upcoming events, news stories and keeps updated with the social media activity.

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