For this mobile application, we have added a lot of features to justify the purpose of the application. Every stage of the app has a functionality that contributes to the purpose the application is developed for such as setting and tracking the individual or group goals and sharing it socially.

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  • User-friendly UI
  • Leaderboard functionality
  • Chat function
  • Social media integration
  • Goalies Assigned
  • Individual and group goals assigning functionality
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How it works

Goalward is a motivational goal setting app wherein the users can set and track goals using any of the options from “Me Goal” or “We Goal”, after setting the guidelines you can invite friends, family, colleagues or anyone you like to be a part of the goal. The process is as easy as downloading the app and connecting to the users who then have the option to provide motivational support to help you achieve your goal and can share the achievement afterwards.

Technologies used for developing the application for IOS and Android respectively are:-

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Java, XML

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Objective-C, Xcode

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