App Design
Tribe365 App Development


  • User-friendly and alluring UI to ensure the best user experience.
  • Actionable data collecting app
  • Assessment of the organizations overall growth
  • 4 clear modules –
    Directing (DOT), Connecting (COT), Supercharging (SOT), Improving (IOT)
  • Questionnaire to provide culture feedback
  • Auto-generated assessment reports
  • Super admin and user login panels
App Development for Android

How it works

The organizations get actionable data from the people that aid them in improving the culture and move towards the achievement of good growth. The diagnostics section gives you an idea of where your organization is as a Tribe and explains where the focus is needed. While the tribometer gives corrective actions when the environment becomes imbalanced.

App Development for Android

Each one among the 4 modules has its specific function and questionnaire for the survey process. Once the questionnaire is filled, reports are generated in a graphical format to look up and assessed by the super admins.

Technologies used for developing the application for IOS and Android respectively are:-

Mobile Application Developer Companies

Android Studio 3.2, Java, Retrofit2, SwipeRevealLayout, Picasso, MPAndroidChart and Butterknife.

iPhone App Development Company

Swift4, Firebase, Alonafire, SwiftyJSON, and JSQMessagesViewController.

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