What is a Mobile App and How It Help Business Grow?

19-09-2019 | 12 MIN READ

Smartphones and mobile applications have become an essential part of our daily lifestyle. You can get an app for everything you dream of from shopping, travelling, payments to games.

Being in the 21st century, you must be aware of mobile apps and the basics of app development. We have made it easy for you by sharing some of the most asked questions about app development along with their answers.

This blog comprises the most asked questions regarding Mobile App development, such as:

What is a Mobile App?
What are the Benefits of an App for Business?
Is the Mobile App Secure?
Do Mobile App Makes Money?
Should I go for Web-based, Native or Hybrid App Development?
Importance of UI and UX in App Development?
What is an MVP Development?
Why Build an MVP App?
How to Build an MVP App?
What to Look for in an App Development Team?
Who will be the Code Owner of the App?
Will Developers Help in Publishing the App on Various Stores?

Let’s begin with, 

What is a Mobile App?

Mobile applications are software programmes generated to run on mobile phones. The apps are made using different programming languages for different platforms and operating systems. 

What are the Benefits of an App for Business?

Nothing comes without benefits and so as the apps for your business. There are several benefits of having an app for the business, such as:

Building Brand Recognition

 The app development allows you to have space in customers device and will enhance brand recognition.

Customer Loyalty

A survey report found that 96% of people are app loyal and only use a single app for that category. The app will gain customer loyalty for the business.

Improves Communication

Apps improve communication between a business and the customer by simplifying the process of communication.

Direct Sale

The business generates direct sales with apps, that means no third party is involved in between. An attractive and user-friendly app will multiply business revenues.

Data Collection

The app collects valuable customer data and feedback that empowers business to improvise the services and customer experience. 

Is the Mobile App Secure?

Security is one of the major concerns for every mobile app user, but it has been ignored the most. Mobile applications are secure, as the permission access lies with the users if they want, they can change the access. Operating systems work for better security of user data. They come up with frequent, new updates to concrete security of the users.

Do Mobile App Makes Money?

Of course, they do. The business needs to find the right strategy for earning from mobile apps. The earnings majorly depend on various factors like target audience, the core activity of app, promotional strategies followed, etc. The earnings sources for an app are as follows:


 Apps can earn from the advertisements by ad agencies, and it is the most popular way of making money through an app.

Pay Per Download

Some platforms pay for downloads; these platforms earn from traffic and data collection and so pay a fixed amount on every app being downloaded from their platforms.


 Free + Premium is also known as freemium. It is an earning strategy that allows app users to use the basic app for free and charge for premium services within the app. 

In-App Purchase

 The game app mostly uses in-app purchases for generating high revenues; they allow users to purchase items like gems, coins, game cash, outfits etc. Example PUBG have in-built gun skins and outfits that can be purchased. 

Paid Apps 

This is just the opposite of in-app purchase, as users need to pay for downloading the app from stores. Example HD Camera Pro.


The apps can earn through subscriptions; they can be weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. Example Netflix mobile app.

E-commerce Sales

 The business does not directly earn from an app, but it does from products sold through the app. Example Amazon, Flipkart.

Third-party sponsorship

Sponsorships are not so common as it’s challenging to address the same set of customers to target through an app. But gaming apps like PUBG has done it with Oppo and Vivo.

Should I go for Web-based, Native or Hybrid App Development?

The business can evaluate and choose the app type they want according to their needs. 

The following are the categories of the app:

Web-Based App

Web apps are apps that are stored on the internet and need a browser to run. These apps are:

  • Easy to maintain
  • All Operating system compatibility
  • Space-saving
  • Cheaper than others

Native App

Native apps are single platform mobile applications and are best known for their responsiveness and smooth user interface. These apps are:

  • The best approach for app development
  • Widely used 
  • Platform store support
  • Superior UI and UX

Hybrid App

 Hybrid, as the name suggests, is a blend of both native and web apps. These apps 

  • Have access to API
  • Need only one codebase 
  • Used for multi-platforms
  • Don’t need a web browser 

The business can choose any one of the app development approaches according to its requirement. 

Importance of UI and UX in App Development?

The business maximises customer satisfaction by getting excellent UI and UX on their business app. Let’s get some basics:

User Experience [UX]

User experience is a wireframing of an application. It focusses on structuring all its components in the best possible manner to enhance the user’s experience.

User Interface [UI]

The user interface is a means through which device interacts with the user. Smoother communication and interaction offers a chance of being a priority app for users. Hence it is crucial to work on improving UI and UX of an app to give users the best experience possible.

What is an MVP Development?

MVP refers to a minimum viable product, which is an app with the core product and no additional features. The MVP is developed to test the business idea and then converted into full-featured apps with updates. MVP is an excellent way to get valuable user feedback with low cost.

Why Build an MVP App?

The MVP app is growing its reach worldwide and here are some reasons to build an MVP app:

Getting Early User

With MVP businesses can communicate with the users earlier rather than waiting for full app development.


Building an MVP is way cheaper than a normal app development as it’s the basic app with a core business focus.

Generating Feedback

The MVP users give valuable feedback, and business can consider it for further improvements and updates.

Idea Testing

MVP is primarily used to test the business idea amongst the users. The success of MVP will determine that the full app will be developed or not.


MVP app is quick to develop and hence saves productive time of business.

How to Build an MVP App?

We have got to know the importance of MVP app, and now we will discuss the development process of an MVP app:

  • Designing the objectives and planning the project
  • Segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies formulated
  • Developing MVP app format
  • Focusing on core business activity
  • Launching and promotion
  • Feedbacks and reviews

What to Look for in an App Development Team?

App development team

The next question that comes to mind is how to hire developers or team of developers to build an app. There are several things you must look for in an app development team. Here are some key points to be noted while choosing an app development team:

App Industry Expertise

 First and foremost, the industry expertise of the team is to be evaluated and observed. It’s better to develop an app with experts to move up in the competition.

Business Intelligence 

The Enterprise app development services should know the requirements of the business and can craft an app accordingly. They need to focus on developing business, not just an app for the business client.

Agreement and Pricing

Look for an app development agency which discloses everything at the time of the agreement that means no hidden cost and on-time app delivery.

Provides Full Services

Look for an end to end app development solutions from the side of the agency. The full service assists at every stage and removes unnecessary complications.


A portfolio is a set of previous projects of the app development company. It gives an idea about the work and success of the projects.


 There are different platforms that work on different languages, so it’s important to choose the platform carefully. 

Who will be the Code Owner of the App?

The app development companies hand over the code ownership to the client after project completion. The ultimate owner will be the business, not the app developer as all copyrights and codes created by app developers belongs to the business.

Will Developers Help in Publishing the App on Various Stores?

The app developers if said, provide end to end services, including assistance in publishing the app on the app store and play store. 


We have covered major questions which comes to the mind while going for app development. If you have further questions, then contact us. Planning and developing app smartly, is becoming a need for every business. Be an early mover to gain an edge over the competition. If you need any advice and assistance regarding app development, feel free to communicate, we will solve your queries

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