Top 10 App Ideas for a Successful Startup

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There are around 2.47 million apps present on the app stores. Due to this vast competition, the survival of any new app startup will be tough. Hence, if you want to establish a startup in this competitive arena, try to find a powerful app idea. You must have an excellent idea to build an app that can be helpful to the majority of users. Here we have listed some superb app ideas for startups you can get immense success with.

10 Evergreen App Ideas for Startups

1. Interior Decoration App 

Finding a good interior designer is a costly option. What if people can decorate their home/office by themselves just like the professionals? It is possible with an app. You can build an Augmented Reality interior design app that will help users to visualize their interior with different alternatives available in the app, such as objects, colors, curtains, wall stickers, furniture, etc.

You can allow users to click a picture of the area they want to decorate and then try out these available interior design options in real-time. The app will also inform users about the places from where they can buy these interior decoration items. You can also integrate an online shopping feature with the app to offer more convenience to the users.


2. Restaurant Booking App

Popular restaurants/pubs/bars are always flooded with the crowd making people wait in a queue for a table for a long time. You can bring the best solution to this problem by creating an app. You can build an app that will let people search for restaurants for dining out as well as book their desired table in advance. Users can view a graphical layout of the restaurant, check the unoccupied tables and reserve the one they like, for a particular day and time. 

As the rate of people dining out is vast and increasing, this mobile app idea can be a great success. You can try or hire Mobile app development company in California.

3. Flower Delivery App 

Flower Delivery App

The demand for flowers is huge and continuous in almost all regions of the world. If it is a festive season or wedding season, people need flowers in bulk and at the right time. A flower delivery app can be helpful to find the florist and order the flowers quickly. It is one of the app ideas that make money and can turn out to be a successful startup. With a flower delivery app, you will offer great convenience to the people to get any kind and amount of flowers at their doorstep.

You can let florists or flower retailers register on your app and receive orders from customers. You can also establish your own flower business and build a delivery app for your potential customers.


4. Tax/Invoicing App

Tax invoicing app

You can find ideas for apps anywhere, and the finance sector also counts in it. For a business person cutting down tax payments is a crucial aspect. You can simplify this task by offering a tax calculating app to all such individuals helping them in calculating exact tax as per their income. The app will ensure that the user pays the correct amount of tax. You can add extra functionality like invoice generation so that users can easily produce bills for their customers/clients.


5. Vehicle Renting App 

Tough we have ride-hailing apps all over the world, nothing can replace the joy, comfort, and privacy of a personal car. People like to drive by themselves so that they can visit anywhere they want without any interference or restrictions. However, not having a private car/vehicle puts a limit on this. A vehicle renting app can solve this problem by letting people rent their needed cars anytime, anywhere. This is another mobile app idea through which you can get a good ROI and accomplishments.

Just like the flower delivery app, you can let people put their ideal or spare vehicles on rent. The users who are looking for a rental car can easily find the one on your app. A vehicle renting app can be handy to the tourists, who want to rent a vehicle to visit different places in a particular city/region with their family or friends.


6. Local Travel Guide App 

travel guide app

The guide plays a vital role while visiting unknown places in foreign countries. With the help of a guide, tourists can easily explore the best places and know about their specialties. But it is not easy to find a good guide instantly. You can give a personal guide to tourists in terms of an app. You can build a local travel guide app helping tourists to find the best places to visit in a particular region and get the details about those places. To make your app even more useful, you can add an AR navigation feature. As the tourism industry is flourishing exponentially, this mobile app idea will be victorious.


7. Movers and Packers App 

Shifting from one place to another can never be easy. The process of packing and moving the entire stuff takes considerable time and effort. But an app can make shifting happier and convenient. Mover and packers app is a profitable app idea you can consider if you are interested in the transportation arena. You can create an app that will allow users to find the best movers and packers who can help them with their shifting. The app can also let users schedule time and day for the shipment. If you are thinking about a transportation startup, then you must choose to build a movers and packers app.


8. Healthcare App 

The busy and hectic lifestyle makes it tough to look after health. App development being a powerful technology, can bring a plethora of solutions for this. People often forget to go to the doctor for a regular health check-up. You can build an app that will keep track of the users’ health and notify them when health check-up is needed. The app can also facilitate users to make hospital appointments, identify the symptoms of the disease, search for the best healthcare center in their area, and so no. This is one of the evergreen app ideas for Android, iOS, and other smart devices like Smartwatch.

9. Cooking App

cooking app

Buying a lot of recipe books to try out different cuisines doesn’t sound a cost-effective idea. However, installing a cooking or recipe app is a much affordable, intelligent, and convenient option for foodies and cooking lovers. You can decide to create an exclusive recipe or cooking app to help users find different recipes of top chefs and from different cultures. As this is the age of the Internet and Smartphones, your cooking app can get a maximum user base and immense popularity.


10. Car Parking App 

Finding a parking space takes a lot of your precious time, and becomes a reason for arriving late at any particular event. You can give the ultimate solution to all car owners and drivers by creating a parking space finder app. Searching for free car parking space will be much easier and quicker, as the app will show all the nearby parking spaces based on GPS.

These are the top ideas of mobile apps that, if you execute properly, can get you lots of accomplishments in terms of a startup. Moreover, if you want to build an app to bring a change in society or to do some social work, then the next section is for you.

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Creative App Ideas That Can Make a Difference 

If making money through an app is not your primary motive, then you can also choose one of the following ideas:


1. Charity App 

People who love helping others or donating, don’t get time to visit charity functions or organizations. With a charity app, you can offer a convenient way for people to donate some amount to charity organizations or programs. The app can also allow people to set goals for charity and invite their friends, family members to join.


2. Blood Donation App 

Blood is one of the most precious things you can donate, as it can save someone’s life. Unfortunately, many people facing death can’t get blood at the right time. Just like other problems, you have app ideas for this major issue people face worldwide. You need to create an app that will notify users of an urgent blood requirement along with patient and blood group details. With this unique and social app, you can save many lives.


3. Help/Safety Alert App 

help and safety app

Seeing the increasing rate of crime and unsafe environment for women, we need to find a powerful solution for safety. With this idea, you can build an app that will let girls in trouble ask for help and get it ASAP anywhere anytime.


 4. App for Elderly

app for elderly

Senior citizens require help for many things such as getting the medicines, doing the chores, buying for groceries, etc. A human may not always be there to help them, but an app can. To give a better life to the elderly, you can create an app that would help them with all such things. You can make an app that will entertain senior citizens in their spare time, let them shop for groceries online, call for medical help, remind them for medications, and so on.


5. Food Donation App

Tons of food gets wasted every day that can feed many empty stomachs. An app can help donate food to the needy ones. This is one of the excellent app ideas you can choose. Your app will help restaurants and families to find charities in their region to donate their wasted food every day.


How to Bring Your App Idea to Reality? 

“Ideas won’t keep. Something must be done about them.”– Alfred North Whitehead

If you have got your app idea, then your next step should be to bring it into reality. But how can you do this? Check out below guidelines:

  • Do a complete market research 
  • Decide your potential audience
  • Create a list of features
  • Decide the budget 
  • Find the app monetization options 
  • Find the source of money for starting development
  • Find a reliable and experienced app development agency
  • Get the cost estimation 
  • Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) first 
  • Work on deficiencies 
  • Build a full-featured app


Now that you got the list of some outstanding app ideas, try to choose the best one suitable for your niche. Also, you have to be careful while designing, developing, and promoting your app. If you are looking for the best Indian app developers to build your dream app, then your search ends here. Our team of experienced app developers can help you to bring your app idea into reality. 

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